Tuesday, 25 July 2017

my holiday recount

On the holiday I went to my nana's house when I get there we went to her friends. house I did not like it there because the little dog was there and the little dog doesn't like little people. Then I went home with my nena and I watched tv. In the morning I woke up late because I had to go with my nena to go to pick up her dad to go hostable.

Then went to my papa’s house and when I get there I played on his laptop.
Then I went bed when I woke up in the morning we went to the movies and we watched despicable me three. Then we had to go to his golf I did not want go because I did not want to walk so I went home.

When I went home I waited for my brothers and sisters to come back when they came back we all went to the movies and we watched spiderman. In the morning I clined up the lounge because we all slipped in there. After that I wento laser strike with my cousins then I went home and played on the xbox. Then I went sleep in the morning I get to get changed to nice warm clothes to go rock climbing then I came home then we went home.

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