Friday, 28 July 2017

my holiday

On the holidays, I drove to my cousins house. His name is Ellie it was a very long drive. My mum just decided to go to his house for dinner.

We had to bring food over. I was holding the pot it smelt yuck. I asked my mum if she cald open the windows to get the smell out but she said no because it was too cold. I told my mum I was never going to eat that.

When I got there I was shy because there were other people there I did not know. Then my baby sister ran up the stairs and played with the girls. Then I came up with her then I ran back down the stairs.

While I was down stairs I Played around. Then I went to check on my baby sister then I rolled down the stairs  I played on the stairs until it was dinner time.

On diner time I tasted the food it was incredibly yum it was mounting my mouth. It was incredibly cool.


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