Friday, 28 July 2017

my holiday

On the holidays, I drove to my cousins house. His name is Ellie it was a very long drive. My mum just decided to go to his house for dinner.

We had to bring food over. I was holding the pot it smelt yuck. I asked my mum if she cald open the windows to get the smell out but she said no because it was too cold. I told my mum I was never going to eat that.

When I got there I was shy because there were other people there I did not know. Then my baby sister ran up the stairs and played with the girls. Then I came up with her then I ran back down the stairs.

While I was down stairs I Played around. Then I went to check on my baby sister then I rolled down the stairs  I played on the stairs until it was dinner time.

On diner time I tasted the food it was incredibly yum it was mounting my mouth. It was incredibly cool.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

my hobby

I want to be an inventor so I can help people by making stuff for them. I could make a drone that you could put some stuff on it and you can fly It to the poor people. I can make a robot that can pick up rubbish so it can make NZ a better place.

This is what I wald like to make.
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This is a picture of a inventor.

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my holiday recount

On the holiday I went to my nana's house when I get there we went to her friends. house I did not like it there because the little dog was there and the little dog doesn't like little people. Then I went home with my nena and I watched tv. In the morning I woke up late because I had to go with my nena to go to pick up her dad to go hostable.

Then went to my papa’s house and when I get there I played on his laptop.
Then I went bed when I woke up in the morning we went to the movies and we watched despicable me three. Then we had to go to his golf I did not want go because I did not want to walk so I went home.

When I went home I waited for my brothers and sisters to come back when they came back we all went to the movies and we watched spiderman. In the morning I clined up the lounge because we all slipped in there. After that I wento laser strike with my cousins then I went home and played on the xbox. Then I went sleep in the morning I get to get changed to nice warm clothes to go rock climbing then I came home then we went home.

Friday, 7 July 2017

food tasting night

                Food tasting night
On wednesday I went back to school and we did the food tasting night. I came with my dad, my little brother, my big brother and my big sister. First we went to my brothers one. His was about fitness. He had to ask some parents if they wanted to have a challenge. The challenge was who called holled a midison ball the longest.

But my dad did not do it because he knew he could not do it so he said ‘‘nah you're gonna win’’. Then we went to my class there was not that much people in my class there were just mini. There I told my dad every thing. There was the food plate, the breads, the cereal, chocolate, the juice and the pamphlets.

When we got in the car we forgot to go to my little brothers one. It was about the food pyramid.
              Then we all went home

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Information report

Break fast is the most important meal of the day. Do you know why? Because it gives us energy for the day and if you don't have breakfast you will not have any  energy. It's like a car without any fuel and you know what happens if you have no fuel you don’t go. Breakfast also helps your brain wake up. If you skip your breakfast your brain will stay asleep.

If you have junk food like a doughnut, its fuel but its does not last long. Instead it will fill your stomach with sugar and fats. These are not good for you because the sugar will rush to your brain and  make you not think and learn.

If you have the same thing every day you will not get other nutrients you will get the same nutrients every day. If you don’t have the same breakfast every day you will have lots of nutrients. So it's important to include the 4 major food groups in your breakfast. The 4 major food groups are proteins, fruit and vegetables, bread and cereal milk and milk products. The fifth food group is fats and sugars. We should have the least of this group.

You should look at the labels before you buy it. If you don't it might be expired and it might have too much sugar.

It is important to have a healthy breakfast.