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Walking narrative

Brainstorm of ideas - sonny day and light dirt.

Describing character/setting - they are walking on light brown dirt on a bright sunny day on a wednesday, they are holding some metal sticks

Ideas for the problem - one of them might trip on a rock that is deep into the ground and broke their leg.

Ideas for the solution - they used aid kit

Start here:
On a sony day me and my mate paula went for a hike first we had to pack our stuff like first aid kit,bange, drink bottle,axe and our bag. When we were about to go we were so excited because this is the first time we did this.

So then they went out and started the walk then they started to run then they stopped for a drink then ran again. Then paula askilenly tripped on a rock that was deep into the ground and broke his leg.

When paula was tripped on the rock and broke his leg i went into my bag and grabbed my aid kit and put the bandages around it. Then I called the ambulance and the ambulance and took him to the hospital.

heaven and hell exist

Timotes part: Malo e lele My name is Timote.We have been learning about hell and heaven.We pick this topic because we want to learn about the diffents of heaven and hell.

Davlyns part: hello my name is davlyn do you no were they are? If you don’t you can ask me. Hell is under us and heaven is above us.

Isaias part: malo e lele my name is isaiah and we have learnt about heaven and hell. Do you know about heaven and hell? Hell was for the devil  and heaven was for angels.

Week 9 and 10

Monday, 2 July 2018

WALT how to use dialogue in our writing

Focuses for writing this week
Explanation in my own words.
Where do speech marks go
At the front of the talking and at the back.
How to put in other punctuation
Put them before the speech marks
When to start a new line or when to keep writing
When someone replies
Different words for ‘said’
Asked, replied, responded, yelled, screamed, shouted, mumbled, said, muttered, gasped, panting, chuckled, thought, told, uttered, continued, whispered
Adding adverbs
Responded politely, asked politely, screamed angrily,

“Who can I pick on?” asked Miss Ashley.
“Me” replied Timote.

“How was your day?” asked Hope.
“Great, thank you” replied Miss Ashley.

“How was your weekend” asked Dwyane.
“It was good” responded Havea.

If more than one person is talking, you put the reply underneath.
Mary was a beautiful girl who was wearing her long black hair in two plaits. She asked her mum, “can I go to the pools today?”.
“Why do you want to go” mum replied.
“It’s hot and I want to cool off”.
“Fine then”

If it’s only one person, you keep going.
Little red riding hood walked along the dirt path and thought to herself “I’m getting hungry”. She had walked a looooonng way but the thought of warm apple pie when she got to grandma’s house kept her going.

MY GROUP’S EXAMPLE.“How was your day?” asked Michael.
“It was great, it was fun” replied Lopi.
“Let’s go do fruit Lopi.”
He nodded in reply.

How was your weekend said lopi?”.
It was great I went to my baby cousins birthday”
Replied lopi.

“When are you finished lopi?”.said Michael.
When i’m finished replied lopi.

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i lernt how to play this old man and twinkle twinkle little star on piano

The Water fall

There was man named Axel Blevins  he wanted to make his dream come true by jumping of the tallest waterfall.

Me and my friends took a minivan there.We had to make a pot stop to food and gas when we got there we had to do a barbarcar to cook.Some of us went into the sea and had a swim.

After the long swim they went to hunt some animals to have something to eat for their lunch. Also they went and got some water for the lunch.Later on me and john went looking for the water when we found it we told the rest of the crew to first we munch than we go.After we munched we went to the waterfall and jumped off after that we went home.

narrative plan

Brainstorm of ideas:
  • Car crash, people inside the car, fire fighters, not looking, fire-fighters, man was driving then suddenly he crashed into a pole, speeding, different kinds of services - police and ambulance. Flipped,
  • See - people standing around, glass on the ground, windshield or windscreen,  stop traffic, upside down, airbags, fire extinguishers,
  • smell/hear - gasoline or petrol or oil, smoke, sirens, people talking

Drunk driver, Axel Belvins , 60 year old man
Car crash
A witness calls the ambulance, police and fire service
No glasses so couldn’t see
injuries - broken arm, broken ribs, brain damage, scars
Fire fighters use jaws of life to get the person out and save them. They cut the car in half.
On the phone playing Mobil Fortnite.
Petrol leak, and the engine was gonna blow up, so the whole car was gonna blow up.
Fire extinguisher, put saw dust on the petrol, get the people out first before it explodes.
Distracting - picking something up, or changing the radio station.

Death of Jax
2 sentences
One Fantastic Evening The kids had decided to have a very wet day.They had forgot that there dad was around a highway.
Orientation 5-10 sentences
In the year 2012 july the 4th their Dad Axel had been a alcoholic for nearly 12 years now. Axel had his kids in the year 2000, He has very unique twins named Jax and Dax it was their birthday tomorrow and they wanted there dad to celebrate to. Because it was there 20th birthday, Because there dad promised them a Ak47 the most violent gun in san diego.  
5-10 sentences
As the twins went on they had been waiting for hours but the dad was trying his first ever Cigarette Axel thinks it is more important in his life. Jax went out in his car looking for his dad, But little did he know there was a bank robbery. He was held hostage and was taken to prison because he got caught with the bank money. He had try telling the cops but they did not believe him.
5-10 sentences
The dad and Dax saw Jax on the news bared up, They both knew it was a trick, The dad did not go for alcohol so he helped his son get out of jail. They stumbled across the police and they had a little talk. They went to the jail and took him out with the $100 he saved up. They went home and Ava (Mother) was there. They looked disappointed and banished them outside the house
Less than 5 sentences
After a couple of years There dad died they had no funeral because he was very drunk man. Later Jax died from the Latino Gang. Dax was left all alone but he only knew it was always right to take revenge for his brother. He went on and killed The latino gang with the Pump Shotgun his dad gave him before he died.

peters lost sister

Once upon a time a boy named Peter went to the market to buy bread and fish. He got money from his guardian. When he went through the market he saw a fortune teller. He wanted to go there but his guardian told him to buy bread and fish but he followed his passion and went to the fortune teller.

Peter thought the fortune teller was a little bit dodgy because it was only $1 per person. He went in with fear and knew he was getting scammed. He went to him and put the dollar in with a little shake. The teller said “Your sister is still alive just try and believe me”.
Peter knew it was a huge mistake he made by going in the fortune teller, Because he knew that the sister died from cancer. He went home to his guardian and then he just did not lie to the guardian.

He followed his heart and he didn't lie to the guardian. He  came empty handed to his  guardian and the guardian said “Follow your passion and it will lead the way”. THE END

Finding descriptive language examples

WALT write detailed descriptions of settings and characters

Twinkle Twinkle star colours

South by the Southern Cross

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put a ring around it

postcards in space

Fairytale introductions

Once upon a time
One sunny day
One beautiful bright sunny day
One marvelous day
One horrible rainy day
In a faraway land
In the deepest ocean
In the darkest prison
Far far away
In a dark forest
In a vast desert
In a creepy dungeon
In the scary woods
In a haunted house
In a movie set
In a creepy maze
In a wonderful school
In a small town

There was
A beautiful girl
An old man
Royal family
A wise girl
A handsome man
A traveller
A scary monster
A butler
Handsome prince
beautiful queen
Creepy clown
Young princess
Royal king
Famous celebrity
A gangster bodyguard
A music producer
A sad servant
A sneaky thief
Who was Lost
Enormously rich
Who lived in a cottage
Who had 6 sons and 6 daughters
Had a glass eyeball
Had a ginormous family
Lived in las vegas
Who had robotic legs
Who was a marvellous actor
Who only ever had onions
Who was a robber
Who lived on the streets
Part time DJ part time spy
Who had only leg
Who was a murderer
Who was a huge nerd
Who had one fat eye.

One horrible rainy day there was one little kid that lived in a cottage he had a robotic leg and a glass leg. He used to live in a big castle then he got lost in the woods so every day he went out and picked onions to eat everyday. He had a robotic leg because when he get lost he fall over and cut his leg of from the sharp thorns, also his glass eye is from the same thing bye falling on the thorn.
One great sony day there was a littel kid that lived in a very big castile. Then once she wanted to go on for a walk she saw a very freaky clown that chased her all the way back to the castle.

No escape

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Co-constructed narrative

Title: Room 7  Co-constructed narrative
Image result for fire house
House on fire
Hear sirens going off - firemen are coming
Put the fire out with water hoses
Smoke is strong
Problem - there might be people inside?!
PS4 is still inside. - valuables
Clothes are inside.
Might be cats or dogs inside
Food is inside
Playing with matches
Playing fortnite- little boy poured water on the plug.
Little boy - craig. Blonde hair, 1 metre high, 8 years old, freckles, brown eyes, short curly hair, fortnite t shirt, drinking water, laughed and dropped the cup, or got angry, screamed.

Fire in the house
One sunny beautiful Saturday Craig was playing Fornite with his friend Jack. They had been playing all day long.
Craig was a 8 year old boy with blonde, curly hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing his favourite turquoise Fornite shirt and seafoam pants. Jack was 9 and had jet black hair and bright blue eyes. The two boys were playing Fornite in the lounge at Craig’s house. The lounge looked like a pigs sty, with stinky socks, pizza boxes and mountain dew cans everywhere.
Craig was sooo engrossed in his game. He leapt out of the bus, pressed X and landed on one of the houses. Craigs thumbs and fingers were starting to ache from playing for sooo long without a break. Jack thought a glass of water might wake him up, so he went to get his friend a cool glass of icy water. He was just strolling back into the messy lounge, when he heard Craig scream “OHHH YEAH HEADSHOT!”. It gave Jack such a fright that he dropped the glass of water, and “Oh no!” he screamed, it tipped straight onto the electrical plug. Craig sniffs “sniff sniff”, “I can smell smoke, is the oven on?”. Jack yells “THERE’S A FIRE, HELP!”. Craig finally looks up from his game to see that the PS4 caught on fire! Craig thought to himself “Dang it, I was about to win!”. The two boys rushed outside leaving all their valuables behind.
Jack ran to the neighbours house and asked to borrow Lucy’s phone. “HELP HELP OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!”. Craig could hear the sirens of the fire engines getting closer and closer. Jack and Craig tried to comfort each other, but they were panicking so much and couldn’t hear each other over the sirens and blaring smoke alarms. The firetrucks arrived and extinguish the flames in 1 long hour.
The two boys felt depressed. Their game was over, and they didn’t win. And now… their house was destroyed.

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Bruno and Teng mu

Catholic bruno
What did they believe?he believed that the Earth had a soul.
How did they observe the universe? With telescopes and with rocket ships.
What tools did they use?a telescope
Why didn’t the church agree with  them? The church didn’t agree because they didn’t believe in other earths and heavens.
What happened to them? He got burned alive

What tools did they use? Unknown

What happened to Teng? He died in 1306 in the reign of Yuian.

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phase of the moon

This is a photo of me and my friends like Davlyn, Railey and Havea doing the different moon’s there are with oreos. We were learning about what are the phase of the moon.

bouncy castle

It was really fun to verse all my friends that really wanted to verse me also i won all my race’s but on this one it looked like i lost but i got out before my friend Paula.

phases of the moon activity

phases of the moon

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Information about the sun

Information about the sun part 2

Sunlight on Earth

What are the planets?

WAL where rain comes from

Sun information report

Title: sunlight on the earth
Paragraph: what is the sun?
  • Star
  • Does not move
  • Surrounded by 8 planets
  • Part of the solar system
  • Small - big

Paragraph 2: What its made of?
  • 99.87% Hg
  • Core is the hottest part of the sun
  • Its hot
  • Energy

Paragraph 3: What does the sun d
  • Compass
  • Shadow
  • West
  • Egyptian
  • Sunflowers know where the sun is
  • Total darkness
  • 8 minutes -
  • produces light and warmth

in the egyption days they used the sun to tell the time  they used it by east and west. When a shadow is still and the time past.When it morning the shadow stays still and when it noon  the shadow gets smaller but it always point to west.

Around the earth is total darkness with some stars around it to. And the sun produces two kind of energy it is light and warmth.

The sun, called Sol, sits at the centre of the solar system and produces light and heat.

The Sun!

What is the sun?
The sun is a star that is part of our solar system. The sun sits at the centre of the solar system, it is orbited by 8 planets which rotate at the same time. The sun is the biggest part of our solar system, but it’s small compared to other suns in other systems. The sun does not move because it’s a star.

What is the sun made of?

The sun is made of energy. The sun produces energy, called solar energy which can be used to power homes on Earth. The core is the hottest part of the sun, it is 27 million degrees F*/15 million degrees C*. It’s made of Hydrogen gas which is sometimes known as Hg.

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Bean Boozled challenge!!!!!

Bean Boozled challenge!!!!!
Image result for Bean Boozled challenge!
On thursday 12 of april room 7 at tamaki primary school had a challenge in class it was called the Bean Boozled challenge, we did it in class it was very cool. In room 7 I tried to hide behind people then my friends told that I never had a turn.

Round 1
When my teacher called my name I felt nervous I thought I was going to get a bad one. My first turn I got a popcorn won it was really yum but when I first did it I thought it was going to be yuck but then I kept on chewing on it then I got a popcorn. So I just walked and said “popcorn” then sat down.

My friends was doing one, one of my friends got his name was Havea, so he got peach so he just walked away fast and came and sat down next to me. Then another friend his name was Keru so he went up, he said he got lime then he realised it was grass. Then one more friend came up his name was Palua, Palua got a rotten egg so he spat it out and ran and sat down.
Round 2
I was hoping for a bad one so I could taste the yuck one so I waited until it was my turn so I sat and waited, then one more group then it was my turn someone went before us but I forgot who went before us. So then they walked of then Paula, Leon, Raley, Havea and me went on then I got the same thing as last time so we all walked of and sat.

It was very fun but I think I will never do it again because next time i'm going to got a bad one.

Friday, 16 March 2018

walk to mokoia pa

This is when middel school went to the beach. We drank milk there to, this plase was were the first bridge was in panmure.

This was our next stop, this was where mokoia pa was then it got burned down then turnd in to a curch.

 This was our long walk back to school, then we went to look where he lived.