Friday, 7 July 2017

food tasting night

                Food tasting night
On wednesday I went back to school and we did the food tasting night. I came with my dad, my little brother, my big brother and my big sister. First we went to my brothers one. His was about fitness. He had to ask some parents if they wanted to have a challenge. The challenge was who called holled a midison ball the longest.

But my dad did not do it because he knew he could not do it so he said ‘‘nah you're gonna win’’. Then we went to my class there was not that much people in my class there were just mini. There I told my dad every thing. There was the food plate, the breads, the cereal, chocolate, the juice and the pamphlets.

When we got in the car we forgot to go to my little brothers one. It was about the food pyramid.
              Then we all went home

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