Wednesday, 25 October 2017

best day with my family

One fine day my family and I went to jump
At home my mum told us “we are going jump today” so my brothers and sisters said with excitement “yay”.
After that we went to jump with my dad,  my mum my brothers and my sisters.

When we got to jump me and my brothers and sisters bursted out of the truck and ran inside so we had to wait for my mum and dad to come. When they got inside they paid for all of us to go on the trampolines. After we paid we bursted to the trampolines and started to jump around super fast like race car. Then my mum, my dad, my brothers and sisters we all jumped as high as a kagero. Then we all went to play dodgeball heaps of people got hit in dodgeball I was running on the trampolines  like a cheddar. After we had our fun we went home and we were tired as a old man.

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