Friday, 27 October 2017

artists expression through colors

WALT find a subject in nature that inspires me.
My subject is flowers. I am inspired by flowers because they they look very pretty together. Flowers of different kind represent my personality because I like how my friends from different backgrounds learn happily from each other. I have chosen the color yellow and blue for my background because yellow represents the flowers swinging happily side to side on sunny day. I am inspired by the flowers because when i'm near them I feel happy.Image result for colorful flowers clip art


  1. Good choice of a flower because they are pretty and cool. Great job!

  2. I really like flowers to davelyn and I like the couplers you've chosen. Looking at the others blogs though they are writeing about animals why aren't you? Anyway why did you chose flowers. Feedback: maybe do a little bit more writeing next time. Thanks for your time!! Bye

  3. I think flowers are inspiring to because they look pretty togerther.

  4. Hi Davlyn, I liked the choice of flowers and you are interested in flowers,right? Don’t forget to sniff some flowers!