Wednesday, 21 June 2017

tip top factory recount

Last friday we went to the tiptop factory
with the whole kiatoa syndicate went.

Then we did some meditation until all the
classes came. When they came we get in groups.

Then we walked out to the bus with the syndicate. While we were going on the bus we were singing songs out loud.

On the bus it was shake. When we get there everybody shouted ‘‘ICE CREAM ICE CREAM!!!!!’’.

When we got of the bus we saw a park. Then we had a little play on the park. Then our group had to go in first.

Then the pearson had a rule if you be good you get to thuse what iny ice cream you want if you be bad you have to have another ice cream and if you be bad to much you don't get iny ice cream.

When we got in we saw people working we had to look through the glass. There were workers wearing white, red and orange overrules white is normal workers red and orange are mekanics.

Then we moved on we went to the buttons you get to press them all then they will make noise. After that we saw a place where there was none there.

After that we saw the magic tiptop car if you say tiptop it will move and make noise.

Then we went back to the buttons. Then we went to the smelling tunal.
The first one was orange the second one was hokey pokey the third one was goody goody gum drop and the last one was mint.

Then finally we get to have the ice cream and we get to watch a tip top move. Then we went and waited on the park for the other groups.

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