Friday, 17 August 2018

direct and indirect impact of droughts

reading comprehension droughts



Droughts happen when there is less rain than expected. This also means there is a shortage of water and not enough to meet the needs of people, plants and animals. However, droughts are a usual part of the climate and they can happen in most parts of the Earth.

Warm water in the Pacific Ocean doesn’t get close to Australia. The winds that blow it towards Australia are not as strong. This means there is less moist air and this will usually lead to less rain and storms.


This drought was short and it was caused by a very strong El NiƱo event. About half of Australia had very low rainfall levels. Eastern and central Australia were most affected. The bush became very dry so this drought contributed to the bushfires in 1983 called Ash Wednesday.


Queensland experienced exceptionally low rainfall levels. About 40% of the state was declared to be in drought. Many farmers lost their crops and livestock. Unemployment became a problem as people in rural areas lost their jobs.

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cross Country

Haveas Fun Bit
Cross Country Was Exhausting while Me and Vaka was in a tie. I lost it when I heard we had to run 2 laps. We Competed Against other schools such as Bailey Rd,Pt England and Panmure District. I had so much fun even though I made Top 15th and Davlyn made top 10. Year 3 and 4s Done 1 lap,Year 5 and 6s Did 2 laps, Year 7 and 8s did 3 laps.

Davlyns Fun Bit
Cross Country was very fun we got to race other schools. The other schools where very fast there was pt england and other fast schools but i don't remember their. Names it was very hard because we had to run a far distance i think it was 4k but we had to go around twice so i think that was 8k.

Paulas Fun Bit 
Cross-country is hard because you have to run around the Hard bike track. Year 3 and 4 have to run around 1 time and year 5 and  year 6 have to run 2 times it was me ,Auckland  and Minnaiah We were the year 6 boys  and i came first for tamaki year 6 boys then Auckland

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

types of floods


water everywhere
The water will destroy stuff
But floods can kill you

It makes a big splash
Get to higher ground be safe
Big wall of water