Thursday, 12 April 2018

Bean Boozled challenge!!!!!

Bean Boozled challenge!!!!!
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On thursday 12 of april room 7 at tamaki primary school had a challenge in class it was called the Bean Boozled challenge, we did it in class it was very cool. In room 7 I tried to hide behind people then my friends told that I never had a turn.

Round 1
When my teacher called my name I felt nervous I thought I was going to get a bad one. My first turn I got a popcorn won it was really yum but when I first did it I thought it was going to be yuck but then I kept on chewing on it then I got a popcorn. So I just walked and said “popcorn” then sat down.

My friends was doing one, one of my friends got his name was Havea, so he got peach so he just walked away fast and came and sat down next to me. Then another friend his name was Keru so he went up, he said he got lime then he realised it was grass. Then one more friend came up his name was Palua, Palua got a rotten egg so he spat it out and ran and sat down.
Round 2
I was hoping for a bad one so I could taste the yuck one so I waited until it was my turn so I sat and waited, then one more group then it was my turn someone went before us but I forgot who went before us. So then they walked of then Paula, Leon, Raley, Havea and me went on then I got the same thing as last time so we all walked of and sat.

It was very fun but I think I will never do it again because next time i'm going to got a bad one.

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