Monday, 19 February 2018



One bright sunny day jessie and james went to rainbow’s end they went there to have some fun. They looked at the big roller coaster and decided to go on it.

After they decided to go on the roller coaster. they rushed to get there wristband when they got there restband they rushed to the roller coaster.

When they get in to the roller coaster They were so nervous they get butterflies in there tummy. The ride started to go up and then it stopped in the middle of the ride then went backwards. They were scared when it stopped. Then it went to the top saw the people they looked like ants from there. They could feel the wind going past there face they could still taste the popcorn that they had for breakfast.

When the lady behind james screamed james smelt the smelly breath. Then it went all a round then it finally stopped jesse said after “what a relief”.

After all of that they were wobbly so they went to get some popcorn.

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