Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rona and the angry moon!

Rona and the angry Moon!

I am going to tell you a legend about a woman who was taken by the angry moon. Rona was sleeping at night, the babies were crying because they were thirsty. She has to get some water because there was nothing.

So she went to get some water from the river but she had no light until the moon came out. She said "that's better" When she got there she had to be very careful so she didn't spill it. But the moon went hiding behind the clouds. She stumbled and she said " I hate you moon"! "You stupid face."

The moon peeked out and picked her up. she said "sorry!" She hungd on to a branch but it broke.

when you looked up at the full moon you might see Rona still holding the broken branch.

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